Parent Information

Parent Information

We value positive relationships with parents and carers, because when we work together, children have better social and emotional skills, are more engaged in their learning and attend school more often, leading to better long term outcomes.

For parenting and counselling services, visit the Family Support page, and for direction and clarity on regulations, processes and procedures at our school, read the Sydney Catholic School policies.

Supporting the School

St Aloysius Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a forum of parents that builds, strengthens and nourishes the school community as part of the wider parish community. The role of the PAC is one of stewardship supporting the principal in developing the school in all areas at regular monthly meetings. 

Supporting the Students

Each year nominations are called for parents to take on the role of Parent Class Representative (PCR). A planning meeting is held at the beginning of the school year to determine annual social and fundraising events on behalf of the school community. Further planning meetings are held with the principal each term. The PCR makes contact with other parents in that year to seek their assistance and to ensure the tasks are shared among parents of each year.

Communicating with St Aloysius 

There are ways parents can prepare for discussions with teachers and schools to assist in achieving positive educational outcomes. Open parent communication is vital in establishing a working partnership with your child’s school. It is important that parents and carers follow certain communication protocols to ensure a collaborative dialogue at an appropriate time.

Parents are encouraged to chat to school staff and get to know them as Sydney Catholic Schools are warm and welcoming local communities. However, if you wish to discuss anything specific in relation to your child, it is important to make an appointment and have this conversation confidentially.

Term 1
Tue 29 Jan (Staff)
Wed 30 Jan (Students) – Fri 12 Apr
Term 2
Mon 29 Apr – Fri 5 Jul
Term 3
Mon 22 Jul – Fri 27 Sep
Term 4
Mon 14 Oct – Fri 20 Dec
Term 1
Tue 28 Jan (Staff)
Wed 29 Jan (Students) – Thu 9 Apr
Term 2
Mon 27 Apr – Fri 3 Jul
Term 3
Mon 20 Jul – Fri 25 Sep
Term 4
Mon 12 Oct – Fri 18 Dec
Note: Please check staff development days with your school as dates will vary.
Uniform Policy
Parent with student looking at IPad